Monday, November 15, 2010

Dairy Ping

Dairy Ping is a simple solution to let consumers know about the dairy products they find at their local grocery stores. With all of the recent food scares, recalls, illnesses, and deaths, it is very important to know about the food we feed ourselves and our families. This intuitive tool gives consumers instant access to the location of a product's dairy and a list of the dairy's products, animals, and compliance with the FDA's sanitation requirements.

Dairy Ping is a download away on the App Store℠ and is available for iPhone® and iPod touch® devices running a minimum of iOS 4.0. It is currently available to the United States and Canadian markets and contains information on dairies located in the US, parts of Canada, and Puerto Rico. If you enjoy the app, please share the love! Let others know by rating Dairy Ping in the App Store or sharing this website with the links below.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Milk doesn't come from a grocery store, it comes from a dairy!

Food has always been a passion of mine, and is an important substance to the fabric of life on Earth. As humans, we eat because we need to eat; we need minerals, vitamins, calories, H2O, etc. in order to survive. But worrying about surviving is so Medieval-times.

Fast forward to today - we don't worry about survival, we worry about what we are having for dinner tonight. We can purchase whatever food we want, buy it at whatever store we want, and at the very low cost compared to farming and raising our own food for months at a time. Our modern grocery store has hidden the fact that food is labor intensive and as a result, we have lost touch with the reality that food has to come from somewhere.

Our food is starting to incorporate its origins into the labeling: "Product of Mexico". I don't know about you, but Mexico just makes me think about Mayan ruins, Cancun beaches, tacos, and tequila. It's nice to know that this product isn't American made, but what exactly does it mean to be a product of Mexico?

And so comes the better question, why should I care? As our culture started to advance, simple tasks became industrialized and farming became something that we rely on farmers to do. Along came companies to sell food to the people, and pretty soon food became highly profitable; it is after all something that every human being needs to survive. When industry mixes with money which mixes with food, you get some disgusting results (see The Jungle). As a result, we have federal agencies that have been put into place to set standards for all the food we consume, so we end up again trusting our government to protect us from harm. Since food is plentiful and restaurants are a-many, it's pretty hard to enforce standard regulations all over the United States.