Monday, November 15, 2010

Dairy Ping

Dairy Ping is a simple solution to let consumers know about the dairy products they find at their local grocery stores. With all of the recent food scares, recalls, illnesses, and deaths, it is very important to know about the food we feed ourselves and our families. This intuitive tool gives consumers instant access to the location of a product's dairy and a list of the dairy's products, animals, and compliance with the FDA's sanitation requirements.

Dairy Ping is a download away on the App Store℠ and is available for iPhone® and iPod touch® devices running a minimum of iOS 4.0. It is currently available to the United States and Canadian markets and contains information on dairies located in the US, parts of Canada, and Puerto Rico. If you enjoy the app, please share the love! Let others know by rating Dairy Ping in the App Store or sharing this website with the links below.

Next time you're at the store, open up Dairy Ping and type in the plant code found on every dairy product to immediately determine the dairy's location. If you allow Dairy Ping to use your current location, you can instantly find out how far the product travelled to reach your grocery store and give you a Locality Rating; the more local the better! If you want more information about the dairy, simply view the dairy's additional information.

If you are having troubles finding or using a plant code, remember that plant codes always start with two numbers followed by a dash or space and additional numbers and/or characters. There will usually be a timestamp to let you know the day and time the product was born; this is not the plant code, but will usually be printed near the plant code. Sometimes the plant code will start with "PLT" or "PLANT" which you can leave out when pinging. If you need additional information, please see the first post on this subject and leave a comment. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas: feel free to leave a comment! Thanks

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